Twelve Simple Rules of Systems Thinking for Complex Global Issues

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Written on: March 13, 2014

We came across Louise Diamond's article Twelve Simple Rules of Systems Thinking for Complex Global Issues via Global Systems Initiatives and thought it was an interesting look into how complex systems operate in our global context.  We saw some parallels with our ASC! work – engaging the arts and creative practice to better navigate complexity.

Simple Rules:

1) In complex systems, all the elements or agents are interconnected, as in a giant web. They are also interdependent – what happens to one affects all others. Therefore: Connect the disconnected. 

2) Complexity is the nature and condition of living systems and the world we live in. What we know about complex systems is that there are multiple agents or elements, combining and interacting in unpredictable and non-linear ways. This means decisions often lead to unintended consequences. Therefore: Ground yourself in unpredictability.

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