Our Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines offer a shared vision for the actions each member of the ICASC/JMP Community can take to contribute to the creation of a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment. Each member of the ICASC/JMP community commits to:

  1. Consider how your actions affect others.
  2. Embrace inclusivity, difference, and equality.
  3. Build relationships based on mutual respect.
  4. Consider how other people want and deserve to be treated.
  5. Share and receive opinions and ideas with an open-mind.
  6. Give and receive feedback in a constructive, respectful way.
  7. Address conflicts at the earliest possible opportunity.
  8. Recognize that the manner in which you perform your role is just as important as creative ability and technical skill.
  9. Be aware of and act according to ICASC/JMP policies.

Read our Respectful Work Environment Policy. This policy sets out ICASC/JMP’s commitment to ensuring a respectful work environment, including physical spaces, virtual spaces, and other forms of distributed work. This policy also defines the roles and responsibilities each member of the ICASC/JMP Community has in contributing to a respectful work environment.

Read our Safety and Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults Policy. This policy sets out our commitment to ensure the safety and protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults who take part in activities implemented solely by ICASC/JMP or collaboratively by ICASC/JMP and other organizations. It defines the roles and responsibilities each member of the ICASC/JMP community has in contributing to the safety and protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

LIGNES DIRECTRICES POUR LA COMMUNAUTÉ  Ces lignes directrices représentent une vision commune de la façon dont les membres de la communauté ICASC/JMP doivent se comporter pour contribuer à la création d’un environnement de travail sécuritaire, respectueux et inclusif. Chaque membre de la communauté ICASC/JMP s’engage à faire ce qui suit :

  1. Songer aux conséquences que ses gestes peuvent avoir sur les autres.
  2. Adopter pleinement les principes d’inclusivité et d’égalité et accepter la différence.
  3. Bâtir des relations basées sur le respect mutuel.
  4. Faire attention à la façon dont les autres souhaitent être traités et méritent de l’être.
  5. Exprimer ses opinions et ses idées et accueillir les opinions et les idées des autres avec l’esprit ouvert.
  6. Faire et recevoir des commentaires de manière constructive et respectueuse.
  7. Résoudre les conflits dès que possible.
  8. Reconnaître que la manière dont on remplit son rôle a autant d’importance que les aptitudes créatives et techniques que l’on possède.
  9. Connaître les politiques de ICASC/JMP et s’y conformer.



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