What is ICASC?

Launched in 2007, ICASC was conceived by Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP) as a partnership between JMP and Simon Fraser University to support art for social change (ASC) communities in Canada and around the world. Artists, community-engaged arts practitioners and scholars, both in Canada and beyond, express strongly-felt needs for focused training, national and international networking, professional development and for research and archival work. ICASC works to support discipline-wide collaboration and knowledge-building and has three main areas of operation:

  1. Art for Social Change professional development and public outreach: workshops, networking sessions, conferences, lectures and dialogues, including knowledge-exchange for people already working in the field and those interested in it.
  2. Sharing, promoting and disseminating community-engaged ASC work and resources via our online community to advance social change agendas and accessibility.
  3. Delivery of a Master’s (MEd) in ASC: First of its kind in Canada, Dr. Lynn Fels and Dr. Judith Marcuse, Co-Directors of ICASC, delivered a two-year program at SFU with a curriculum that included dialogue and facilitation techniques, partnership development, project creation and management, communication strategies, and interning with arts for social change organizations. >>> For more about the MEd in ASC







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