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The ASC! Research Project Has Developed an Online Evaluation Tool!

Use it to monitor and evaluate your community-engaged arts programs!

Consulting with a wide range of stakeholders, the ASC! Project Evaluation/Impact Assessment team (led by Dr. Annalee Yasse and Patricia Gray) identified a range of strategies and models to measure the impacts of community-engaged, art for social change (ASC) practices. They compared methods with those used in other sectors (such as public health) and suggested useful, artful and meaningful ways to present quantitative and qualitative evaluative findings.

Working with software development specialist, Stephen Barker, they used their research and findings to develop a valuable, useful, and interactive online evaluation tool that provides multiple approaches to impact assessment for diverse audiences in a wide range of contexts.

There has been growing interest in better understanding and documenting how creative community-based initiatives can bring about social change. However, for some community groups, the topic of evaluation can be fraught with frustration. The online ASC Evaluation Tool is a resource that seeks to clarify some of the diverse theories, methods and techniques that may be useful for evaluating such projects.

Though it is designed for both experts and novices, our online evaluation tool assumes minimal previous knowledge of the topics presented. Although recognizing that project development and evaluation are intrinsically linked, this toolkit is for the evaluation itself, rather than how to develop the project. Also included are articles and essays relating to evaluation/impact assessment of specific ASC field studies, as well as about evaluation methods, challenges and opportunities across the field.

>>> Access and use the online ASC Evaluation Tool here!




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