FUTURES/forward: What to expect, an approximate timeline

Want to know what to expect in the FUTURES/forward mentorship in terms of a timeline? Here is an approximate month-to-month outline to give you a good idea of what happens when.

*Note regarding the timeline for the community-engaged arts projects: This schedule is based on the experiences of previous cohorts. For multiple reasons, some mentees can proceed more quickly to get their projects under way. As each mentorship — mentee, mentor, host organization (for triad), and possible partners — is unique, the program is designed to allow for some flexibility when it comes to the creation and implementation timing of projects.

  1. FIRST MONTH – Getting started
    • Introductions/orientation – the first monthly cohort meeting
    • Access to CiviCRM (online portal) account: contact info, contracts, and other documents management system
    • Matchmaking processes – (a) mentee with mentor (both mentor and mentee will be presented with a proposed match; each will have the opportunity to accept the proposal or not); (b) mentee (artist-in-residence) and host organization
    • Learning Agreement – mentee and mentor collaborate on a “workplan”/learning agreement (LAs will also establish meeting arrangements between mentee and mentor)
    • Triad Agreement – mentee (assisted by mentor) and host organization collaborate on a “workplan” (agreement) for artist residency
    • Community-engaged arts project – begin to formulate who, what, how, when, where, why, etc.
    • First payment (first of five payments spread out over the mentorship period)
  1. SECOND MONTH – Getting into the work
    • Firming up agreements
    • Submit agreements in first or second week
    • Community-engaged arts project – continue to collaborate with host or partner organization to design project
    • Second payment
    • Monthly cohort meeting
  1. THIRD MONTH – Firming up plans and getting down to work on the actual project
    • Concretize and firm up community-engaged project planning in first and second week
    • Begin outreach and promotion of project in last week
    • Third payment
    • Monthly cohort meeting
  1. FOURTH MONTH – Full on promotion and roll out of project
    • Full on promotion and registration for project
    • ASC workshops/sessions for cohort may begin in this month
    • Refine/tune project according to participants and process
    • Fourth payment
    • Monthly cohort meeting
  1. FIFTH MONTH – Continuation
    • Project workshops and sessions continue
    • Monthly cohort meeting
  1. SIXTH MONTH  Project wrap up and reporting
    • Community-engaged project wraps up by end of first week (second week only if necessary), including wrap up with participants
    • Final reporting to FUTURES/forward as per reporting guidelines (guidelines doc provided)
    • Final payment, contingent on submission and approval of final report
    • Last monthly cohort meeting
  1. EXTENSIONS — To allow mentees the flexibility to make the most of their mentorship, we are including up to an extra month should the mentee feel they will need it. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Mentees must inform FUTURES/forward staff if they will need an extension. Informing us should happen by the end of the fifth month, please. Final payment will also be delayed until the final report is submitted and approved.

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