Sarasvàti Productions FemFest 2015: Hear Her Roar

May 19, 2016 by  Uncategorized /

Last week, Winnipeg’s Sarasvàti Productions announced the lineup for FemFest 2015: Hear Her Roar, a festival celebrating women playwrights. Running September 12-19, the FemFest promises “life changing theatre written by women for everyone” through in-house productions, readings, workshops, and cabarets from across Canada. This year’s festival also features Sitaraha – The Stars, written and performed by Afghanistan-born and Sweden-based Monirah Hashemi. Through all of its activities, the festival aims to share stories of “women’s resilience, voice, and power” to redefine and re-imagine the status quo.

Sarasvàti Productions works to “produce theatre that inspires, challenges and encourages positive social change while demonstrating artistic excellence.” Since 2000, the transformative theatre company has worked with emerging artists to workshop several scripts, facilitate readings of developing work, and coordinate skill-development workshops, all with the aim of inspiring audiences.



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