Artists Speak: a knowledge/teaching/learning video resource

Author: Patti Fraser, Lynn Fels, Flick Harrison
Published In:  ICASC
Resource Types: ASC Project Video, ASC! Project Knowledge Sharing, Resource Library, Videos

Artists Speak is a collection of 27 interviews with artists in British Columbia who define themselves, or were defined by others, as having socially-engaged arts practices. Patti Fraser, Lynn Fels, and Flick Harrison explore and document diverse perspectives, insights and approaches to community-engaged art for social change (ASC). The question asked of the artist practitioners was, “What, in their experience, needs to be preserved or held as a responsibility as socially engaged arts are re-imagined in the future?” How do we learn and meaningfully pass on the wealth of knowledge and experience developed by practitioners in the field? Included in this video resource are two teaching videos What Matters and the Art of Listening that highlight key insights, as well as three digital research essays: Artfor? which explores the importance of how community arts projects are framed; A Walk, A Question and Missives from the West Coast which speaks to the importance of place-based art inquiry; and The Future which reveals insights and offerings from a newer generation of artists. A digital Guide to the Scrapbook History of A Community Engaged Artist collages the lived experience and multiple interconnections, practices, issues, and relationships that have unfolded over a 30-year career as an artist practitioner.


Artists Speak


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