The Future? – Interviews with young artists

Author: Patti Fraser and Flick Harrison
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This arts based digital research unpacks the ‘future’ of ‘community-engaged art’ as it is being re-imagined by young artists. What emerges is an unraveling of the idea of community in this current climate of uncertainty.

In this video the artist/researchers Patti Fraser and Flick Harrison juxtapose narrative inquiry and textual play with research interview, in an attempt to draw light on the increasingly isolated and anxious state of young artists who attempt to navigate the uncertain terrain of community engaged art practice.

It is an invitation to the viewer to muse on the nature of research, art, and contemporary society, as expressive and emotional young artists unpack their own experiences in a research setting. 

There are many intersecting and overlapping themes these artists reflect on and discuss, such as:

  • the tension between individualism vs community, and how this plays out through contemporary communication mediums and technology;

  • the widespread depression, anxiety, and loneliness of this historical moment and how art and craft present opportunities for resilience and overcoming; 

  • the dynamics of cultivating trusting relationships with vulnerable peoples and communities;

  • conceptualizing and understanding colonization and the work of de-colonization through art;

  • the tensions of holding space, and the dynamics of performance art;

  • unpacking what we mean by 'community engaged art' and what does it mean 'to enact community’;

  • the challenge of living sustainable lives within our current economic and social frameworks; 

  • the practice of cultivating hope and hospitality; 

  • the current climate of 'arts funding' and the issues of 'funding with agendas';

    Artists featured: 

    -Tara Mahoney
    -Mia Susan Amir
    -Tamar Unroe
    -Jay White
    -Natalie Tin Yin Gan


The Future?



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