Re-instating the Amateur: Holding Space for the Core Purpose of Art in the Classroom

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We are excited to share an article written by one of our ASC Research Assistants, Nicole Armos. Nicole was recently published in the 2015 SFU Ed Review, a publication focused on student and faculty works within Simon Fraser University's Education Department. In "Re-instating the Amateur: Holding Space for the Core Purpose of Art in the Classroom" Armos asserts that "while we often turn toward the professional artist or renowned academic as models for our educational goals in the arts education classroom, the figure of the ‘amateur’ artist could instead be seen as an embodiment of an individual pursuing art for its core human purpose, helping us explore how we can hold a place for this deep purpose within the classroom, in balance with and contributing to our traditional academic or skill-based pursuits."



Read the full article here.


Nicole Armos is pursuing a Masters in Arts Education at SFU, with an interest in poetic inquiry and the transformative and healing potential of the arts. In 2014 she completed her BA (Honours) in World Literature at SFU, where she continues to work as a Teaching Assistant. As a Research Assistant in the ASC! project Nicole is helping research strategies and principles for building strong cross-sector and cross-cultural partnerships in the field of arts for social change. She assists with conducting interviews and literature reviews, data analysis, and logistical support for the project.‚Äč




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