Performing Turtle Island: A Gathering of Indigenous Theatre and Performance

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September 17-19, 2015
University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada
All events are free and open to the public
Conference schedule:

Today is the launch of Performing Turtle Island, a conference that brings together "established and emerging scholars and artists in the form of a national symposium on how Indigenous theatre and performance are connected to Indigenous identity and community health." Engaging with Indigenous theatre and multi-disciplinary artforms, the events aim to explore Canadian identity as the nation approaches its 150th birthday. Performances and discussions will focus on the ways international mobility and shifting demographics inform "how identity is constructed on Turtle Island within the ideational borders that designate Canada."

In an interview with Leader-Post, First Nations University professor Jesse Archibald-Barber stated, "Right now, we're in an era of reconciliation in Canada, [s]o this is something that is at the front of the mind for most indigenous peoples, especially in Canada. That's why our conference theme is so connected to the issue of identity, but as well as community."

Learn more about the conference, presenters, and performances here.



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