Call of Submissions: Theatre of the oppressed as liberatory praxis in research and teaching

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The "Educational Forum" is seeking articles for its Fall 2019 themed issue, “Inviting Critical Consciousness Into the Classroom, Community, and Beyond: Theatre of the Oppressed as Liberatory Praxis in Research and Teaching.”

Articles may consider the following questions about Theatre of the Oppressed:

-How does TO support educators in thinking about liberatory teaching practices? How does it support alternative (i.e., less linear) ways of knowing and being in classrooms and schools?

-How does TO offer alternative visions for teachers and students? How do we best support and develop those practices in our classrooms? What should practitioners be aware of in enacting TO in school and community settings?

-How do we prepare teachers to use TO to bring the knowledge, experiences, and stories of students, oppressed communities, and the community to the forefront of education?

-In what ways does TO invite voices and narratives of traditionally marginalized populations into the classroom?

-What theoretical frameworks/ways of knowing can we call upon to help us use TO to reimagine and re-create the world through action?

These questions suggest topic areas but are not exhaustive. We encourage submissions not only from scholars and researchers but also from students, teachers, artists, and community organizers. Research on related models of critical pedagogy such as Applied Theatre or Ethnodrama, will also be considered.

In addition to previously unpublished thematic essays or empirical research, we also seek nontraditional submissions.

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