Call for workshop participants: Freedom (Theatre For Living, BC)

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"We are currently recruiting CAST and WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS for our next project, FREEDOM.

This mainstage play will investigate the human cost of the imbalance between economic growth, and our responsibilities to community, human rights, and the environment.

Many people have given their lives fighting for personal and collective freedom.

And yet there is no question that today we are living in an era of devastating imbalance.

Economic freedom appears to have become more important than human and environmental rights; than freedom of speech; than affordable housing; than higher education. Has our role as responsible citizens in Canada become to maximize profits for anonymous shareholders at the expense of nurturing our families, communities and the environment? What have we lost? How do we find our way back into balance? Have you experienced a loss from this shift towards economic freedom?

If your answer to the question is “yes”, (at either personal, family or professional levels) then you have knowledge and a perspective that is valuable to this theatre production.

Having living knowledge of the issue is an essential criteria for participation; having acting experience is not. We need a diversity of perspectives to enrich this work. All cast and workshop participants are paid.

How to Apply: Workshop participants must be available Feb 23 – 28, and cast members must be available Feb 23 – April 16, full time, five and sometimes six days a week. We want real diversity in the group, so please tell us who you are and WHY you want to be part of this project, and HOW it is relevant to you, in CONCRETE ways, specifically through your own life experiences.

For more information please visit this link.

Read Theatre For Living’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map."


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