Call for proposals for “Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World: A Lasting Legacy?”

May 31, 2017 by ICASC Conference /

The Center for Jewish Studies at Arizona State University (ASU) will hold a conference on “Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World: A Lasting Legacy?” on October 13-15, 2018.

The conference will be held on the ASU campus in Tempe, Arizona and is deliberately inclusive in scope, definition, and audience. This conference seeks to feature Jewish dancers and choreographers, along with critics, scholars, philosophers, educators, dance scientists, somatics experts, exhibition designers, dance therapists, funders and presenters. The conference defines Jewishness very broadly as a diverse, ever-changing, social construction that emerges out of specific historical and cultural contexts and that requires analysis and reflection. Thus Jewishness covers shifting experiences of Diaspora, the Holocaust, Israel, and Arab-Jewish relations, among other aspects. The conference seeks to encompass different dance styles, including modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop and “street” forms, ballroom, social dance, folk dance, Flamenco, etc., and consider developments in the commercial, art and social spheres.

The deadline for proposals is October 1, 2017 and a guide to proposal submissions and well as a description of research questions can be read in the overview.




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