Black Theatre Workshop Celebrates 45 Years

May 18, 2016 by  Uncategorized /

Black Theatre Workshop is celebrating 45 years in the Canadian theatre scene. For the past four and a half decades, Black Theatre Workshop has aimed to "encourage and promote the development of a Black and Canadian Theatre, rooted in literature that reflects the creative will of Black Canadian writers and artists, and the creative collaborations between Black and other artists." The organization has grown and thrived with a great deal of community support across the country. In a recent interview, Workshop president Jackie Webb stated "community has played a major role in the development of the BTW […] and must continue to do so as the workshop journeys into the future." In their 2015/2016 program, Webb shares her pride in Black Theatre Workshop's evolution from humble beginnings to "becoming a trusted, admired and respected pillar of our community."

Check out the exciting programming ahead for Black Theatre Workshops' 45th season in their 2015/2016 program.



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