A Great Resource and Forum! The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Knowledge Centre

September 17, 2018 by  Resource /

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) launched its Knowledge Centre in the Spring of this year. Designed to function as an online community, the centre connects the non-profit sector, helping its different members share knowledge, build capacity, establish relationships with each other, and more. Though hosted by OTF, an Ontarian entity, this online portal has far-reaching potential beyond the provincial borders.

The centre has 3 main sections: discussions, resources and community hubs. The community hub of particular interest to folks in the arts, culture and heritage sector is the “Inspired People”, moderated by Liz Forsberg, Inspired Strategy Lead at the OTF.

Amongst many topics, the centre has most recently developed a continued series that includes research, studies and discussion addressing equity, diversity and inclusion. The exploration and dialogue on different bodies of work on cultural equity can help community-engaged organizations anywhere.

Also recently, Forsberg featured some notable work advancing reconciliation in the heritage sector, led by the Ontario Museums Association in partnership with the Deyohahá:ge: Indigenous Knowledge Centre at the Six Nations Polytechnic and Woodland Cultural Centre. This collaboration has led to the shaping of two documents that can effectively guide community-engaged organizations and others, based anywhere, to bring about reconciliation in their respective disciplines.

You can read more here: https://share.otf.ca/t/a-promising-approach-to-reconciliation-in-ontarios-heritage-sector/915

To access the OTF’s Knowledge Centre on cultural-equity click here: https://share.otf.ca/tags/cultural-equity



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