Why Art? Why Now? Creating a Culture of Well-Being

December 3, 2020 by ICASC Events, Featured /

“Why Art? Why Now? Creating a Culture of Well-Being” with Arlene Goldbard and Judith Marcuse (Nov. 26, 2020)
This session was the second in the Why Art? Why Now? series presented by SFU Woodward’s and BC Alliance for Arts + Culture.

What would it mean to inhabit a culture of well-being and health? What roles might art play in creating and nourishing that culture? On both sides of the US-Canada border, unequal access to food, shelter, and safety affect people’s health. But our well-being is also challenged by a pervasive sense that some cultures are better than others, some voices more welcome than others, and some communities more dispensable, treated as collateral environmental damage. Since time immemorial, artists have created healing dances, chants, images, and stories to align spirit and desire with wellness. Today, cultural interventions to improve personal and social health are becoming commonplace.

In this video-recorded session, Judith Marcuse and Arlene Goldbard explore how artists are making work that advances well-being. Some address conditions that cause illness. Some expand our understanding of well-being and awareness of the rights of the vulnerable. Some focus on arts-based treatment to overcome illness. Envision a culture of health and consider how artists can be key to bringing that vision to life.

Arlene and Judith shared some resources relating to the conversation, which are listed below:


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