Way Up North: An Arctic Symphony

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Way Up North: An Arctic Symphony is a documentary tracing the roots of Indigenous music in Canada's Arctic. According to the film's Vimeo page, filmmaker and producer P.J. Marcellino and American co-director and cinematographer, Hermon Farahi, spent one year documenting Listen Up! NWT, the largest music outreach project ever conducted in the Canadian Arctic. 100 kids from six remote northern communities all across the Northwest Territories collaborated with Canadian classical music ensemble The Gryphon Trio among other local and international singer-songwriters. Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tanya Tagak, A Tribe Called Red, Jb the FirstLady and Susan Aglukark all appear in the film.

Local daily EdgeYK reviewed the doc's 35 minute rough cut, and described the film as "a story about the power of music, the ability for creativity to inspire and overcome adversity." In the film, conductor Rob Kapilo comments “From this moment on their sense of possibility for themselves expands in a way none of them thought possible.” Read more of EdgeYK's review here.



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