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Watch "The Art of War," a brief glimpse into the Rise Foundation's Castle Art project that began in 2014, inviting young Syrians to "bring colour, energy, voice and hope to the dreary walls of the refugee camp" in AkrĂ©, Dohuk province, Iraq. According to the project's Tumblr page, the camp is housed in a former Saddam-era prison and intelligence centre that was converted to house over 270 Syrian Kurdish families fleeing violence. The children meet every Friday to paint the walls, an event described as "a day of socializing with friends, laughing, having fun and learning." The project reports that "art is of course, as ever, a means by which [the children] can express their emotions and process what they have heard, what they are feeling, or what they have seen." Since October, the students have learned new techniques and ideas by engaging with international artist models.

Watch more footage of the project here.

Rise Foundation is a small, flexible NGO registered in Kurdistan providing targeted support to the most vulnerable and recreational projects for the refugee and internally displaced populations. Rise Foundation is a non-religious, non-political organisation, seeking to support those most in need, without bias. Established in response to the Syrian conflict and the resulting influx of refugees, Rise Foundation has built upon its ability to be innovative and flexible throughout the developing nature of the humanitarian issues unfolding in the region.

Image via Castle Art Project



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