WWF – The Partnership Toolbox

Author: WWF World Wide Fund for Nature
Published In:  Surrey, UK
Resource Types: Resource Library, Scholarly Journals

"We have considerable experience within WWF on working in partnership. However we recognised that strengthening our partnerships further could lead to the achievement of greater impact. What was often missing in our work was the opportunity for reflection, and the ability to extract and capture the quality of our experience growing out of over 40 years of working in partnership. As a learning organisation WWF therefore invested in reflecting on how to develop effective, strong partnerships.

Our experience taught us that partnerships are essential to achieve transformational change at national and international levels, as well as achieving success in locally-focussed project delivery, which reflects the levels at which WWF operates. Weak partnership formation and unstructured, unclear relationship management, review and learning, can lead to misunderstandings, waste considerable time and effort and result in limited impact, missed opportunities and increases the potential for conflict.

A structured approach to partnership enables us to identify the type of partnership that is needed, to adapt and develop the partnership over time through monitoring, evaluation and learning in order for the partners to deliver shared objectives. The tools in this toolbox have been extensively used by WWF and its partners and the results show that this approach achieves impact through assisting the development and maintenance of robust, equitable relationships."

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WWF The Partnership Toolbox



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