The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts

Author: The Fine Arts Fund
Date Published:  January 2010
Published In:  The Fine Arts Fund
Resource Types: Articles

The report concludes that work with the community through arts and culture must be based on a foundation that incorporates a deeper understanding of the best way to communicate with the public in order to achieve that shared sense of responsibility. A year of investigation into the topic finds that public responsibility for the arts is undermined by deeply entrenched perceptions that have nothing to do with government and everything to do with understanding of the arts. Members of the public typically have positive feelings toward the arts, some quite strong, but how they think about the arts is shaped by a number of common default patterns that obscure a sense of art as a public good. 

This report summarizes a year of work and important findings for widespread use by others. While leaders of business and other nonprofit sectors have conducted research using framing science methodology to develop communications strategies for change, this is a first-in-the-nation analysis for arts and culture.



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