Performances, Presentations and Workshops

Author: Lisa Doolittle, Pamela Boyd, Farah Fancy, Lisa Ndejuru, Rachael Van Fossen, Padingani Wa Padingani, Kens Mukendi Kakona, Lynn Fels, Judith Marcuse, Anne Flynn, Lisa Campkin, V. Willis, Z. Zandboer, Patti Fraser, Tara Mahoney, Jasmine Scarf, RECAA, Jennifer B. Spiegel, Stephanie N. Parent, Karen Lockhart, Annalee Yassi, Shira Taylor, R/E Ensemble
Resource Types: ASC! Project Knowledge Sharing

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Creative Publics Final Report

Beyond Fear & Great Hair: Shaping debate in #elxn42

AGEWELL Chataqua Performance

AGEWELL Chataqua exhibition booklet


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