Nurturing the Peacemakers in Our Students: A guide to Writing and Speaking Out About Issues of War and Peace

Author: Chris Weber
Date Published:  2006
Published In:  Heinemann Publishing
Resource Types: Resource Books

Chris Weber, as well as a wonderful cast of contributors, including Peter Elbow, Bill Bigelow, and Jim Burke, demonstrate that through reading, discussing, and writing about narratives of children who have experienced war, students make connections between what they see, hear, and read through the media about military conflicts and their horrible human consequences. This critical examination of war then inspires subsequent opportunities for students to use their literacy skills to communicate with others dedicated to ending global violence. In fact Nurturing the Peacemakers in Our Students offers lists of online organizations and projects where kids can become part of a national, international, even global community of peacemakers.


Nurturing the Peacemakers from Heinemann Publishing



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