Directly Affected Goes on Tour

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Directly Affected is a media project aiming to tell the stories of “the people impacted by Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.” According to the Directly Affected website, impetus for the project was provided by Bill C-38, which limited public participation in the National Energy Board review of the Kinder Morgan proposal to those who were either “directly affected” or who had relevant expertise. The combination of this qualification and a lengthy application process led to the silencing of many communities with something to say. Directly Affected began as a ten minute short film aiming to share those voices, and has evolved into an outreach program and web-video series that is taking the creators – Zack Embree, Devyn Brugge, and Mary Lovell – across Canada.

In an article from the National Observer, Zack Embree stated “We’re driving across Canada to bring the story about Directly Affected to communities affected by the Energy East pipeline proposal … People across the country are being negatively impacted by a regulatory process that’s cutting out their voices and their concerns around climate change, water protection and due process.” The National Observer reports the three film partners are ”following the route of TransCanada’s giant Energy East pipeline, which would carry Alberta oil sands bitumen and Bakken crude to eastern terminals in Quebec and New Brunswick.” See the tour schedule below to take part in a screening and discussion.

Tour Dates:
Ottawa, June 30
Hamilton, July 3
Toronto, July 4
Montreal, July 8
Quebec City, July 9
Fredericton, July 10
Halifax, July 11



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