The Musagetes Foundation

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The Musagetes Foundation is a new public foundation based in Guelph, Ontario that “makes the arts more central and meaningful in peoples' lives, in our communities, and in our societies”. Aiming internationally, Musagetes is concerned with “the role the arts can play in addressing the faultlines of modern society, the deep and perplexing problems that beset contemporary life.” To instigate change, the foundation serves as a convener, bringing together “unexpected” combinations of people and ideas to articulate social needs, create ideas, and generate action.

Musagetes fulfills their convening role online by featuring profiles on projects and artists around the world, sharing resources, and promoting events that exemplify and support the foundation's mandate: to promote the arts and artistic creativity as tools for social transformation.

Image courtesy of Guillermo Delgado, Via Musagetes



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