Mapping the Landscape of Socially Engaged Artistic Practice Report

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Alexis Frasz & Holly Sidford of Helicon Collaborative
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An excellent and informative report from some of leaders of the Art for Social Change sector in the USA. 

"Socially engaged art is not new. Neither is writing about it. But despite a longstanding body of work in this area, the shape of the socially engaged art landscape remains elusive at best…at a time when artists’ voices could not be more necessary to society, or in need of support. Mapping the Landscape of Socially Engaged Art was written to help increase the visibility and legibility of this growing area of artmaking in order to amplify its impact and unlock more resources for it. The report’s authors, Alexis Frasz and Holly Sidford of Helicon Collaborative, conducted in-depth interviews with over 50 diverse artists, field leaders and funders, a literature review, and a focus group with artists to discuss the findings. The resulting report offers new ways of looking at this landscape and includes case-studies of representative work."