Youth-led social change: Topics, engagement types, organizational types, strategies, and impacts

Author: Amelia Clarke, Ilona Dougherty, Elaine Ho
Date Published:  March 2015
Published In:  Futures: The journal of policy, planning and futures studies
Resource Types: Journals

This paper provides a framework for evaluating youth-led social change. Using this framework, empirical research provides evidence of how youth – defined as young people 15–24 years of age – have been agents of change in Canada over the 35 years from 1978 to 2012. A media content analysis of 264 articles, combined with frequency and chi-square tests, were completed to study the factors and the relationships among them. The results show a strong relationship between the impact and the strategy, topic, engagement type, and organizational type. The findings have implications for youth leaders and those who advocate for, work with, support, and educate them, and for those interested in evaluating social change efforts.


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