Community Arts Workbook… Another Vital Link

Author: Ontario Arts Council
Date Published:  1998
Published In:  Ontario Arts Council
Resource Types: Books, Resource Books, Resource Library, Seminal Publications

"This is a workbook for artists, communities and the public for anyone engaged in or who wants to become involved in community arts. It is designed to give some background on the application of community arts as well as provide hands-on tools advice, frameworks, techniques to help artists, cultural workers and communities plan, begin, complete and evaluate a community arts project.

The creation of this workbook follows on the important ideas explored at the Ontario Arts Council s Vital Links Enriching Communities through Art and Art through Communities conference which took place in September 1997. The three-day conference brought together many of the artists, community groups and participants engaged in community arts across Ontario, and some from other parts of Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Australia…" (Community Arts Workbook, 4) 


Community Arts Workbook


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