Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice

Author: Jill Chonody
Date Published:  Sept 25, 2014
Published In:  Common Ground Publishing
Resource Types: Resource Books, Resource Library

Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice is a collection of essays that cover a wide range of artistic endeavors including photography, street/mural art, singing, drawing, storytelling, sculpting, dance, drumming, horticulture, repurposed objects, theater, and film. Art is explored from the perspective that self-expression can be a powerful experience that raises consciousness for the person who created it as well as her/his/their audience. This book examines the use of art and its potential to create change for individuals, groups, and communities, and each chapter provides a description of one particular approach followed by a summary of its uses. Utilizing current literature and research evidence, the benefits of its use for particular populations are outlined. Practical tips including issues to consider prior to implementation are provided, and an example of how the technique has been used in practice illustrates its application. In the final chapter, methods for evaluation are outlined that can be useful when thinking about grant applications, funding sources, and personal evaluation of practice. This book provides an introduction to using art in practice and can be utilized by a variety of different fields, including social workers, drama and art therapists, community organizers, nurses, and students.


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