A Walk, a Question, and Missives from the West Coast Video ‘Dispatch’

Author: Patti Fraser, Flick Harrison, Lynn Fels
Date Published:  2017
Published In:  Studies in Social Justice
Resource Types: ASC! Project Knowledge Sharing, Journal Articles, Resource Library, Scholarly Journals


The video thought experiment (accessible at the url above) seeks to navigate a question posed in the call for the Performing the World Conference held in New York City in the fall of 2016. The conference invited presenters to respond to the question: Can We Perform Our Way to Power? This question was inspired by the growing appreciation for performance as an alternative modality to knowing in human development and social justice issues. The question itself, however, became a point-of-departure for a narrative walk and reflection into the possible understandings of performance as it relates to power and place.

The video unpacks this troublesome question in the light of research conducted for The Art for Social Change Research Project at Simon Fraser University. Through this research project, Patti Fraser conducted a series of conversations with socially engaged artists in the west coast of British Columbia.



A Walk, a Question, and Missives from the West Coast Video 'Dispatch'

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