Watch videos from Limitless

The ASC! team is excited to share the work of one of our Research Assistants, Corey Makoloski. For his Master's project, Corey examined inclusive teaching practices using dance and theatre. The final product was Limitless, an initiative about seeing the ability.  From the project, Corey has come to believe that "ability is not the opposition of disability, opportunity is." Watch the videos from Limitless below - Corey and the team welcome all views on the themes in the videos and hope you take away something positive.


Limitless Understand 720pYouTube


Limitless WishingforYellow 720p 003

Corey was born and raised in a rural Alberta setting, and it only seemed natural he would make his home teaching in a similar environment. Corey is splitting his time between his Masters and continuing teaching with a partial LOA. Corey is excited to start this year and work on such an amazing project.  He has been the lead coordinator for inclusive education in his school for years and to see this brought into a university setting is truly remarkable and he is honoured to be a part of the ASC project. Corey loves seeing live theatre and helping nurture new performers.