ICASC/JMP Strategic Plan 2019-21: See what we are doing for the next three years!

ICASC/JMP Strategic Plan 2019-21

ICASC and JMP are now ready to move into the next stage in our evolution!


Background: During six years of research, the ASC! Project revealed a community-engaged art for social change (ASC) sector that is rich, vibrant, and growing, with more than 500 organizations and many more individual ASC practitioners working throughout Canada. The Project also brought to light areas where more support and work is needed, and in which ICASC and Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP)have an opportunity to make a significant positive difference on a national scale. The primary findings of the ASC! Project identified future needs in three key areas:

Education: Individual connections and knowledge sharing

Connection: Organizational partnerships and capacity building

Integration: Cross-sector-awareness and systems change



EDUCATE →Serve as a leader in providing informational resources, tools, and guidance for those seeking to increase their ASC knowledge

CONNECT→ Organize and support national and international activities and resources to build vibrant, inclusive ASC networks

INTEGRATE→Support systems change by increasing cross-sector awareness and understanding of ASC as a high-impact contributor to positive social change

READ THE COMPLETE DETAILS on what we have planned for the next three years here (download the Strategic Plan PDF)!