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Carleton University, Ottawa, November 3 to 5, 2017: The ART of Changing the World (ACW) 2017 is a gathering of artists, researchers, and activists from across Canada and across sectors. ACW 2017 is the capstone event of a 5-year national research project about art for social change (ASC). The gathering will provide an opportunity for you to explore and engage in cross-sector dialogue and action-oriented planning on the future of art for social change/community-engaged arts in Canada.

But what if I can’t get to ACW 2017 in Ottawa? How can I participate? Kitchen Table Chataquas!

What if I plan to go to ACW 2017 in Ottawa and I want to contribute input from my community? Kitchen Table Chataquas!

Kitchen Table Chataqua FAQ

What’s a Kitchen Table Chataqua? (what is a chataqua?)
It’s a locally-organized, informal gathering of changemakers with an interest in art for social change (ASC) who want to explore two key questions and then share their responses with others across Canada in the weeks leading up to and during the ACW gathering in Ottawa. Participants may include artist-practitioners, activists, community organizations and/or individuals who use or participate in ASC programs, local policy makers, etc.

Kitchen Table Chataqua: A locally-organized, informal gathering of changemakers with an interest in art for social change who want to explore key questions.

What are the two key questions for exploration?

  1. What are the most important topics for practitioners/changemakers across Canada to be thinking and talking about right now?
  2. What are your thoughts about the future of community-engaged art/ art for social change (ASC) in Canada?

How do we share our responses?
Send us your responses to the two questions (a written summary, photos/images, video…your choice!) by email to Share your event with photos and/or video on social media and link to our Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtags #ACW and #ARTsocialCHANGE.

Photos and contributions can be posted to the ACW 2017 Facebook Event Page. 
If you need any assistance with online posting, please feel free to email us.

What happens to our responses?
Your responses will be shared through the ACW 2017 webpages and social media, AND we’ll collate responses from all across Canada to help shape the discussions at The ART of Changing the World gathering in Ottawa in November.
This is intended to be a simple, interesting, and fun way to discuss and share in the national conversation!

When should Kitchen Table Chataquas happen?
These are intended as pre-ACW activities and we leave it up to you when and how to organise your event… and if you’d like to hold more than one over the next few months, that’s great too!

Sounds great! What do we need to do?  
Keep this as simple and informal as you like. All you need to do is:

  1. Organise your Kitchen Table gathering(s).
  2. Explore the questions. Use your choice of arts-infused process(es) if you like, or just chat over a cup of tea or coffee. You choose.
  3. Share your responses to the questions with us via email at and share video, photos and more on social media!

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance at




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