University of Washington, Tacoma

Beverly Naidus teaches art for social change and healing. Her courses are offered at the University of Washington, Tacoma, Divison of Cultural, Art and Communication Arts. Here are some examples of courses offered:

T ARTS 266 The Artist as Visionary and Dreamer (5) VLPA
Explores art that investigates dreams including dream journals and work with collage, painting, drawing, and photography. Focuses on reading of the artist as visionary and utopian thinker as well as contemporary dream theory as a tool for social change and healing. Concludes with a collaborative, community-based project.

T ARTS 395 Community-Based Arts Practice (5) VLPA
Investigates community-based art through experiential learning and exposure to contemporary art theory and history. Students create a community-based art project and work with local artists who are developing projects in the community.

T ARTS 402 Eco-Art: Art Created in Response to the Environmental Crisis (5) VLPA
Investigates how art can address the environmental crisis. Experiment with contemporary art practices, creating work that reflects concerns about the environment. Discussions focus on the ways contemporary artists define eco-art, the history of the art that looks at nature, the landscape, and current ecological theory.

T ARTS 410 Community and the Public Arts (5) VLPA
Explores community-based art in our region and culture, with direct experience in research, communication, negotiation, persuasion, improvisation, and collaboration. Students engage in fund-raising, grant-writing, public speaking, problem-solving, documentation, and networking. Guest speakers introduce local social, cultural, environmental histories, and relationships between studio- and community-based art practices.

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