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Concentric Media

Concentric Media is an independent video and digital production company based in Northern California with a focus on films that provide fresh perspectives on complex issues. Subjects range from holistic healing to progressive education; from aging to the universal Spirit within all faiths. Our work also documents controversial subjects such as women's reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS in Africa, and the disenfranchisement of Native Americans.

Organization Digital Media United States
Concordia University

Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts - Department of Theatre used to offer a BFA specialization in Theatre and Development. Although this specialization is not currently offered, one of the Department of Theatre's objectives is to "offer[s] students an opportunity to explore theatre as an art form and instrument for social and personal change." A large variety of ASC related theatre courses are available, such as PERC 209: The Engaged Theatre Artist (3 credits), PERC 351: Community Arts: The Art of Engagement (3 credits) and PERC 354: Popular and Applied Theatre (3 credits).

The former department chair, Edward Little PhD, was also an advisor to our ASC! Research Project.

Training and Education Theatre Canada
Cornerstone Theatre

For over 29 years, Cornerstone has brought together an ensemble of professional artists of the highest caliber with people who would never think of themselves as artists to produce works of excellence based on the stories, concerns and issues of a given community.Our plays celebrate many voices, and are staged in theaters and in parking lots, in factories, schools and subway stations. We strive to include people who have not been on stage or even seen theater. We’ve taken up residence in small towns and urban neighborhoods, collaborating with locals from start to finish to tell their unique stories through theater.

Organization Theatre United States
Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente

Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente is a non-profit, private law, grassroots organization, initiated in 1987, animated by the need for joint efforts of young people in the north east of Medellin to show the positive aspects of our neighborhoods and thus the art and culture of their inhabitants. During these 23 years there has been an ongoing process of education and training and inspiration in art and culture as tools for community, human and artistic work, understanding it as a way of life of children, youth, adults and seniors, women and men; dabbling in theater programs, puppets, dance, music, recreation, community communication, radio and TV projecting all our work in exchanges, exhibitions, festivals and community arts annual meetings.

Organization Multidisciplinary Colombia
Corpuscule Dance

The mandate of Corpuscule Dance focuses on the creation, production and teaching, in addition to including a strong interest in integrating people with disabilities into society through two distinct components: Teaching and Performance.

Organization Dance Canada
COURSE: "Exploring Art for Social Change"

Marcuse, Judith, Visiting Tutor. "Exploring Art for Social Change," Quest University, Squamish, Canada. Jan 2015.

Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
COURSE: Drama 3850 A: Dance and Theatre for All Abilities: Production Development

Doolitle, Lisa. Drama 3850 A, Dance and Theatre for All Abilities: Production Development, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada.

Training and Education Theatre Canada
COURSE: EDUC 496: Exploring Arts for Social Change: Communities in Action

Marcuse, Judith. EDUC 496, Exploring Arts for Social Change: Communities in Action, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Fall Semester 2010 and 2011.

Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
CRAC Valparaiso

CRAC Valparaiso is a collaborative non-profit platform that focuses on different socio-artistic productions in the city of Valparaiso, Chile. CRAC is an independent project with a flexible and autonomous management model that has been self-sustained since 2007. Our interest is to contribute to the debate on the possibilities of collective citizenships and artistic practices. Thus develop, re-think and re-design participatory common policies on sustainable development in our culture, social spaces and society by promoting autonomy and transversal knowledge on contemporary disciplines.

Organization Multidisciplinary Chile
create! in the East Village

Located in the Golden Age Club, create! in the East Village offers free, drop-in, inclusive programming to residents of the East Village four days a week. Started in December 2013 by Wendy Lees, a Social Worker with a background in group facilitation and art, create! in the East Village began in response to a lack of creative programming for marginalized peop[le in the area and as a positive means for integrating the new development with the currrent population.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Creative Aging Calgary Society (CACS)

The Creative Aging Calgary Society strives to advance recognition of the importance of arts and aging and to heighten awareness of the benefits of professionally conducted participatory arts and aging programs. In so doing, we reach out to many stakeholders – older adults, senior-serving agencies, artisans, researchers, elected officials, funders, change-leaders and policy makers.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Creative City Network of Canada

Through its work the Creative City Network of Canada helps build the capacity of local cultural planning professionals – and by extension local governments – to nurture and support cultural development in their communities. By doing so, the Creative City Network of Canada aims to improve the operating climate and conditions for artists, arts, heritage and cultural organizations across the country, and the quality of life in Canadian communities of all sizes.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Creative Manitoba (formerly ACI Manitoba)

"Creative Manitoba strengthens, represents and connects Manitoba’s arts and creative industries. We are a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts and cultural industries of Manitoba and helping to develop sustainable careers for those working in arts and culture. By providing opportunities for business skill development through our various workshops, courses, and seminars, we help you take your creative career to the next level."

Creative Manitoba offers various training programs and workshops for individual artists or those working at arts & cultural organizations. Creative Manitoba also has a Artists + Community Professional Development program among others.

The Artists and Community Professional Development Program is for artists and community members wishing to:

  • develop, grow or refine an existing community arts practice
  • work in the field of community-based arts
  • work collaboratively for community cultural development

Upon completion of the program, participants will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to initiate and manage collaborative community-based arts projects and programs.

Participants who successfully complete the full program will receive a Certificate of Completion from Creative Manitoba.

Certified practitioners may be eligible for national community arts residency exchanges and ongoing support and promotion through the new Manitoba Institute for Artists + Community Collaboration at Creative Manitoba. 

For more information of other training and workshops, as well as costs and registration dates, visit their website

Organization, Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
Creative Publics

Creative Publics
Instagram: @creativepublics.
Facebook and Twitter: #CreativePublics


Visual, creative and peer-to-peer voter engagement

Voter turnout has steadily declined at all levels of government in Canada over the past two decades for many reasons. While not apathetic, an increasing number of young Canadians are less likely to vote or be members of political parties. In 2012, Elections Canada reported that there is a strong need to “reinvigorate civic life by finding ways to make politics more relevant”. 

We start from the assumptions that electoral politics can sometimes be a weird thing to talk about. It can be confusing and a bit boring.  Intimidating and confrontational. And that's assuming you have the time, energy and network to engage in political conversations in the first place. 

Based on this assumption, we want to offer a more appealing and accessible invitation into challenging discussions. By facilitating public art-making workshops inspired by the election, Creative Publics opens up new spaces for political expression where ideas and perspectives can be explored through a creative, tactile activity.   

We are non-partisian and not affiliated with any political party. 

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Creative Spirit Art Centre

The Creative Spirit Art Centre provides art education and studio space for people with disabilities.

Organization Visual Arts Canada