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Mural Arts Program

We believe art ignites change. We create art with others to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. Through this work, we establish new standards of excellence in the practice of public and contemporary art.

Organization Visual Arts United States

Musagetes is an international organization that makes the arts more central and meaningful in people's lives, in our communities, and in our societies.

Musagetes also run ArtsEverywhere, a forum concerned with the role the arts can play in addressing the faultlines of modern society and the deep and perplexing problems that beset contemporary life.  

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal: "Sharing the Museum" community programme

The “Sharing the Museum” programme is based on three key principles:

Open-mindedness, an attentive ear and action!

To date, almost 200,000 visitors – immigrants, refugees, people with mental-health challenges, at-risk youth, senior citizens on low incomes, people with a low level of literacy, children, families and adults from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and cultural communities, people with physical disabilities – have already benefited from this programme with the help of over 400 organizations.

The Museum’s Education and Community Programmes invites community organizations to submit ideas for activities, teaching materials and even events.

Le programme Le Musée en partage repose sur trois grands principes

L’ouverture d’esprit, l’écoute et l’action !

À ce jour, près de 200 000 visiteurs – immigrants, réfugiés, personnes souffrant d’un problème de santé mentale, jeunes à risque, personnes âgées à revenu modeste, personnes en voie d’alphabétisation, enfants, familles et adultes provenant de quartiers défavorisés, personnes atteintes d’un handicap physique et communautés culturelles – ont déjà bénéficié du programme par l’entremise de plus de 400 organismes.

Le Département de l’éducation et de l’action culturelle invite les organismes communautaires à lui soumettre des idées d’activités, de matériel pédagogique ou même d’évènements.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Music Liberatory

Music Liberatory aims to dramatically increase the number of female instrumentalists by providing meaningful, fun, and free music programming for women and girls.
We believe that everyone is born with musical ability and that females in particular are systemically denied opportunity and taught to underestimate their capacity.
We work to create vibrant and honest female led music cultures. With focus on the current and potential leadership of women of colour, the Music Liberatory wishes to see all women benefit from sharing music and the freedom this experience brings.
Only a desire to share music is ever needed. No previous music experience or education is required for any of our programs. Instruments are available to use free of charge.

Organization, Training and Education Music Canada
Myths and Mirrors Community Arts

Myths and Mirrors helps to build community and gives people a voice through collaborative art making, story sharing and infusing art into our everyday lives. Everyone is welcome.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada

Since 1993, this creative collaboration has created street plays on a variety of health issues, and Nalamdana has reached more than half a million people through street theatre, and many more through other media like tele-dramas, interactive media and print. Nalamdana’s performances are targeted at a semi literate and illiterate audience in rural and urban Tamil Nadu. In ten years, we have covered more than 50 villages in Tamil Nadu and about 500 inner city slums in Chennai.

Organization Theatre India
Native Women in the Arts

Native Women in the Arts was established in 1993, and is a not-for-profit organization for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit women from diverse nations and artistic disciplines who share a common interest in culture, art, community and the advancement of Indigenous peoples.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
NDG Seniors Atelier

The NDG Senior's Atelier is a community art studio catering to seniors, initiated to create a space for the community to come together and connect through the act of art making. Created for the community by the community, the NDG Senior's Atelier offers the use of free materials in a welcoming environment for socializing and engaging in artistic creativity.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
NDG Seniors Atelier

The NDG Senior's Atelier is a community art studio catering to seniors, initiated to create a space for the community to come together and connect through the act of art making. Created for the community by the community, the NDG Senior's Atelier offers the use of free materials in a welcoming environment for socializing and engaging in artistic creativity.

We believe making art and sharing is fundamental to the mental health of individuals and communities. We believe the act of making art can facilitate the exploration and expression of ideas, emotions and aspects of the self. We believe nurturing a space for community to gather and make art inspires conversations, and builds relationships, shared ownership and solidarity.

The NDG Senior's Atelier is located on the ground level of the seniors' residence, Résidence Notre-Dame-de-Grâce at 4040 Girouard Avenue. It is a place for creating, connecting, having fun and feeling a sense of achievement and belonging. The space is wheelchair accessible. 

L' Atelier Seniors de NDG est un studio d’Art ouvert à la communauté des seniors. C’est un espace de création et de communication entre gens. L'Atelier Seniors de NDG offre gratuitement les matériaux pour créer dans un environement agréable.

On croit que le processus créatif et le partage est essentiels pour une communauté en santé et en explorant notre créativité on facilite la communication des idées et des émotions.

L' Atelier Seniors c’est un espace ouvert et une experience enrichissante pour créer des liens de solidarité et des partage dans la communauté. L'Atelier Seniors de NDG est située au rez- de- chaussée a la Residence Notre Dame de Grâce à 4040 Girouard Ave. C’est accessible a toutes et a tous. C’est accessible pour les gens en fauteuil roulant.

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Funded by: In partnership with the Office Municipal d'Habitation de Montréal

Organization Multidisciplinary Visual Arts Canada
Neighbourhood Arts Network

Neighbourhood Arts Network is dedicated to celebrating and supporting community engaged artists and organizations across Toronto. Our free membership includes professional development, community events, online resources, strategic community partnerships and signature awards.​

Organization, Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
New Urban Arts

Founded in 1997, New Urban Arts is a nationally-recognized community arts studio for high school students and emerging artists in Providence, Rhode Island. Our mission is to build a vital community that empowers young people as artists and leaders to develop a creative practice they can sustain throughout their lives.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Next Up

From Next Up's About page:

Next Up is growing. 2015-16 marks the tenth year since it was started in BC, its eighth year in Alberta, it's seventh year in Saskatchewan, where we have now started a program in Regina. It's our fifth year in Ontario and third year in Winnipeg. Next Up has also ran two leadership intensive programs for First Nations & Métis Youth in Saskatchewan. This year we've  launched 3 new intensive programs: the BC Bootcamp weekend which ran in May; the Alberta Climate Leadership Program that ends this Fall; and our newest intensive program, the BC Indigenous Youth In Action (IYIA) program which begins in August 2016. The BC IYIA is a collaboration with IndigenEYEZ. 

The people organizing Next Up come from a wide range of backgrounds: public policy, community activism, labour, the non-profit sector, and research. We are all involved in social and environmental justice work. We’ve created this program because we believe that a better world is not just possible, but an imperative.

We believe that good solutions to the biggest issues are out there, and can be realized. We have different approaches to teaching and learning, but we all believe that a new generation of progressive leaders is needed and should be supported.

Next Up is a growing network of social change leaders across Canada. The program is a partnership between several organizations with region specific partnerships that help make the program happen in each region.

Each region has it’s own Advisory Committee made up of great people in that community who are working to make a better world. Advisory committee members come from community organizations, the public and private sectors, not-for-profits and trade unions. The amazing people on the advisory committees volunteer their time to help with program's design and delivery in their region and to help make community connections between participants and leaders in their communities.

Next Up also offers Leadership Programs across Canada. Details here.


Organization, Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada

Founded in 1949 by a small band of enthusiasts in the little village of Heggodu, Karnataka, Ninasam has, over these five decades, evolved into a many-winged cultural institution that has won wide recognition. It has been acclaimed as a unique experiment in fusing culture and activism, art practice and social commitment, individual creativity and collective responsibility. Originally begun as an amateur theatre group it has branched off in several directions and now enfolds a variety of sub-institutions and projects which are engaged in multifaceted activities. Its exploration of a new synthesis of formal and non-formal modes of arts education has been seen as a refreshing attempt at revivifying the vital links between the arts and the community. This endeavour of Ninasam to be a bridge between the microcosm of rural Karnataka and the macrocosm of the world at large has brought it many honours

Organization Multidisciplinary India
No.9 Contemporary Art and the Environment

No.9 is an arts orga­ni­zation that uses art and design to bring awareness to envi­ron­mental concerns. We deliv­er programs in schools and in the public domain designed to encour­age the use of cre­ative think­ing to resolve envi­ron­mental issues and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa

None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa is a digital media project that collects the stories of, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Africans from the African Continent and the Diaspora. None on Record adds to the growing histories told by LGBT Africans all over the world. LGBT Africans are everywhere—within the neighborhoods of Dakar, Toronto, Nairobi, New York City and London and in the small towns and villages around the world.

Organization Digital Media Kenya