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Arts & Health Project

The Arts & Health Project addresses the current gap in seniors’ services between those for well older adults and those for frail seniors who are in care. It provides professionally led arts programming for vulnerable seniors in community and seniors’ centres. The intended long-term outcome of this project is “strong, healthy communities that engage seniors as full and active participants and that value the arts as a key contributor to health.”

Art, Health & Seniors Program - Health Promotion Initiative

Arts & Health Project has a "Community of Practice" - more details on their website


Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Arts Academy, the Stephen Lewis Foundation

Holistic. Dynamic. Transformative. These are the underlying themes of the Arts, Activism and AIDS Academy. This pilot initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation will bring together African frontline workers to explore the innovative ways in which they integrate the arts into their community response to the AIDS pandemic. Whether it’s the use of music, song, spoken word, street theatre, dance, memory books, body maps—the creative work of community-level organizations serves to remind us of the innovation, talent, vision and leadership they bring in the struggle to overcome the AIDS pandemic.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Arts Collective Theatre (ACT)

Arts Collective Theatre (ACT) is committed to delivering educational theatre based practices to the Windsor – Essex Community and beyond. We look forward to developing new partnerships and through this active engagement, create further pathways of learning. Mentorship and learning opportunities are rooted in our artistic processes. Arts Collective Theatre is dedicated to enhancing the life of the community by bringing awareness to social justice issues at home and beyond Windsor.

Organization Theatre Canada
Arts Network for Children and Youth (ANCY)

The mission of the Arts Network for Children and Youth is to ensure that all children and youth have the opportunity to experience creativity and the arts for their personal growth, social development and community involvement.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Arts With Impact Canada

Art With Impact promotes mental wellness by creating space for young people to learn and connect through art and media. AWI is committed to a future where artists are revered as cultural icons of courage and change, enabling young people to communicate freely and fearlessly about their mental health.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada

ARTS4ALL provides an expressive playground for all members of the Davenport Perth and Pelham Park neighbourhood in West Toronto. Professional artists collaborate with community members to create original works of art that celebrate and transform how we all live together. In our collaborations, divisions between generations, cultures, classes and abilities are bridged, we develop tools of expression that communicate thoughts and feelings and we showcase talents while nurturing the process of getting to know one another. Everyone is Welcome!

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
ArtsCan Circle

ArtsCan Circle is a charitable organization with a mission to encourage the self-esteem of Indigenous youth in isolated Canadian communities through a cooperative exploration of the arts.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Artscape Youngplace

From About

"Artscape Youngplace nurtures creation, learning and collaboration through innovative programs, experiences and events in an inspiring, social environment in order to strengthen and grow our community.

Part ideas laboratory, part creativity workshop, Artscape Youngplace is a community cultural hub located in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood, with 75,000 square feet of space devoted to artistic inspiration, learning, growth and expression.

The facility opened in 2013 after a major renovation and community consultation process. Artscape’s $17 million transformation of the building, a former school, was completed just before the centenary of its construction in 1914. Artscape Youngplace is named in recognition of a generous lead gift from The Michael Young Family Foundation.

The artists and organizations inside the building represent a vibrant mix of art forms and cultural mandates and provide many programs and events to enjoy. The surrounding neighbourhood is one of the country’s most creative, and is a major centre for contemporary art in Canada."

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
ArtSpot Productions

ArtSpot Productions is an ensemble of artists dedicated to creating meticulously LIVE theater in New Orleans. Our productions are a sincere blend of disciplines developed through ensemble authorship, physically rigorous training, original music, interactive sculptural environments, and extended research and rehearsal. We practice social justice and shared power in our creative and organizational processes, and we strive to incite positive change in our community with visually stunning performances and empowering educational programs.

Organization Theatre United States

At ArtSpring, we believe in the power of art to transform individuals and strengthen communities. Our mission is to provide arts-based educational programming to develop self-growth and effective life skills for incarcerated women, men and youth as well as other at-risk populations in underserved communities.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
ArtStarts in Schools

ArtStarts in Schools is a not-for-profit organization that promotes art and creativity among British Columbia’s young people. Since 1996, ArtStarts has supported educators, artists, parents and students by offering a broad range of programs, services and resources to promote arts and creativity among British Columbia's young people.

ArtStarts in Schools offer fully subsidized professional development programs for teachers and artists "Infusion: Professional Development in Arts Integration for Teachers and Artists: Arts Integration Learning Lab".

Organization, Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
ArtWorks Studio

The ArtWorks Studio is a safe and welcoming space for those who wish to learn new skills, have an avenue for self-expression and create art as a pathway to wellness. The studio is a place where we nurture the creative spirit and honour the whole person. Many participants of the ArtWorks Studio have overcome isolation, achieved a sense of belonging and built a stronger connection to the community. The studio offers art classes taught by local artists and covers a wide variety of techniques and mediums that are put to practice during open studio sessions. Participants get out into the community to be inspired at local galleries and by public art. The overall experience is one of wellness.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Artworks Studio, G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

The Artworks Studio is located at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre, which is British Columbia's largest rehabilitation hospital, providing treatment to registered clients between 14-65 years with a traumatic physical disability or chronic health condition. Purpose: Staff of the artworks studio provide education and support to clients, helping them attain their rehabilitation goals, gain confidence, acquire new skills and increase confidence and quality of life upon discharge home and re-integration into the community. Clients work independently on their chosen projects in an arts program, focusing on exploration and acquisition of new creative skills.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
ArtWorks/PhotoClub for People with Acquired Brain Injuries

ArtWorks/PhotoClub is a client-driven program developed over several years with support from professional local artists and photographers. Offered in groups, this initiative is designed to develop skills and self-confidence of people who have survived acquired brain injuries. This is a program that started with a concept of using colouring books in a support group. It has evolved into a sustainable program resulting in the acquisition of new skills and self-confidence in a safe, comfortable environment. Participants have gained the opportunity to share their experiences with peers and become more comfortable within the larger community.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Ashtar Theatre

ASHTAR is a dynamic local Palestinian Theatre with a truly progressive global perspective. We aim to promote creativity and commitment for change through a novel combination of specific training and acting programs and services and professional theatre performances. If marginalized audiences are unable to come to our main location in Ramallah, we move our stage to these often remote areas to include everyone. 

Organization Theatre Palestinian Territory