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Chto Delat

The collective Chto Delat (What is to be done?) was founded in early 2003 in Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism.

Organization Multidisciplinary Russia
Circo Social Del Sur

Circo Social Del Sur is an NGO dedicated to circus arts and culture as a development strategy and community, social and personal transformation. Active in Buenos Aires since 1996 and founded by circus performers and professionals from various social areas. It was legally established in 2002. We thought of the circus arts as a strategy to generate new forms of belonging, community participation and organization as well as to promote the development of capacities for creation and autonomy of young people we work with.

Organization Theatre Argentina
Circo Volador

Circo Volador is a Center for Art and Culture dedicated to the care of young people from the different sectors of society which are normally excluded for economic or political reasons, by gender, identity, sexual orientation or any other group conditions.

Organization Theatre Mexico
Circus In Motion

Circus In Motion is a contemporary circus arts company that offers social circus workshop and visually captivating circus performances. We specialize in inventive live performances and the creative use of geometrical shapes to perform our circus acts. The company has worked with more than 3000 under-previliged children and youths from a broad spectrum of settings; residential homes, special needs schools, Normal (Technical) Stream students from main stream schools and certain underprevilged communities overseas in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Organization Theatre Singapore
Cirque du Monde

The group of young creators and ordinary citizens who contributed to the birth of Cirque du Soleil never forgot where they came from. Rather than tackling a wide range of causes, the Cirque chose to commit itself to at-risk youth through its social circus program, Cirque du Monde. With the aim to foster the personal and social development of these young people, Cirque du Monde actions expressed through social circus workshops, training, support and consulting services, networking and advocacy.

Organization Theatre Canada
Cirque Hors Piste - Cirque du Monde Montréal

Cirque Hors Piste est un organisme de cirque social qui offre aux personnes ayant un parcours de vie marginalisé, un espace alternatif et inclusif de création. L’ogranisme favorise l’apprentissage individuel, social et collectif par le biais des arts du cirque. Ses partenaires sont En Marge 12-17, Plein Milieu et Cactus Montréal. Cirque Hors Piste est la cellule montréalaise du programme Cirque du Monde, le volet social du Cirque du Soleil.

L'organisme Cirque Hors Piste offre différents volets d’activités dans le but d’entrer en contact avec la population ciblée par les quatre organismes partenaires et de soutenir leur développement personnel, physique, et social. Le projet propose aux participants l’occasion de créer, à partir de leur marginalité, de nouveaux rapports avec la société.

Organization Theatre Multidisciplinary Music Dance Canada
Clay and Paper Theatre

The goal of Clay & Paper Theatre is to change the world. Completely. Irrevocably. It is the fervent desire of Clay & Paper Theatre to encourage people to abandon propriety, to escape the mundane, to celebrate the wisdom of the little man and woman, to transform dormant curiosity, to acknowledge all of life, both negative and positive, to astonish the innocent and perplex the sophisticated, to have a view of the whole world, to raise questions about the big questions and to throw hot tar on the little ones.

Organization Theatre Canada
Clean Break

Our vision is of a society where women are not criminalised unjustly nor imprisoned unnecessarily. We believe that theatre enables women to challenge their oppression by society in general and by the criminal justice system in particular. Clean Break has thrived since its establishment in 1979 and this is testimony to the power of theatre and the strength of the company’s work. The women-only building in Kentish Town provides a safe space where transformation and learning become possible.

Organization Theatre United Kingdom
Comics With a Cause

Comics with a Cause is a small team of artists and advocates based out of Vancouver with a mission to use comics and storytelling to spread awareness of sexual assault and violence.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
Common Weal Community Arts Inc.

Common Weal Community Arts Inc. is a provincial arts organization that collaboratively engages professional artists with communities to promote social change and cultural identity through creative expression.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Community Arts Council of Vancouver

CACV’s vision is of a socially-engaged, inclusive, and vibrant city alive with community arts.

CACV’s mission is to further the development of community arts throughout Vancouver.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Community Arts Lab-XL (CAL-XL)

Community Art Lab-XL (CAL-XL), is a Dutch laboratory for art and society, a network of leaders who aspire to a greater role of art in social development. It may be more and it could be better. Key themes are the promotion of professionalism and legitimacy, from project to program, vital coalitions and culture producing citizens. CAL-XL is a platform and catalyst for new connections between artistic and social sectors, between theory and practice, between international and local.

Organization Multidisciplinary Netherlands
Community Media for Development (CMFD)

CMFD (Community Media for Development) Productions is a media/ communication for development consultancy specialising in high quality communication materials and projects (serial radio dramas, radio spots, digital stories, music, theatre and print publications). Our services include project management and implementation of communication campaigns, radio production, community and journalist training, and materials development, all based on communication for social change approaches and emphasising community input and participation.

Organization Digital Media South Africa
Community Theatre Internationale

Creating community through performance... across borders local and global . The Community Theatre Internationale develops multi-media, collaborative productions between community-based ensembles in different parts of the world. Mixing live performance with video and Internet technology, we create “stages” on which ordinary people from around the globe gather to make theatre and art. Boundaries that divide are transformed into opportunities for beauty and surprise. Speaking the language of improvisation, we perform grassroots global conversations—with no opening or closing nights.

Organization Theatre United States
Complex Social Change


Complex Social Change: teaching, performing, exhibiting, designing, mapping is an interdisciplinary research program involving Josephine Mills (Principal Investigator, Art Gallery), Bruce MacKay (Liberal Education), Lisa Doolittle (Theatre & Drama), Tiffany Muller Myrdahl (Women & Gender Studies), Emily Luce (New Media), and Louise Barrett (Psychology).  The project brings together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds with a common interest— a fascination with the beautiful, challenging, confusing evolution of our society. We are a community of change-makers, investigating how change is made. Our goals are to contribute to a contemporary definition of liberal education and to better understand what is involved with creating participation and engagement in activist actions in the current social climate. We will explore theoretical positions and frameworks for effective, sustained activist engagement using examples of past successful actions and theoretical reflections from feminist, anti-racist, disability, and health (especially AIDS) movements as well as exploring current issues around public engagement.

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Twitter: @complex_change, #complexchangetwitter

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada