Directory Listing

Directory Listing

Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities.

This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing.
If you are looking for more complete Canadian community arts listings, we highly recommend ArtBridges’ directory at  

This is a living resource. We will be updating and revising it as new information becomes available. You can filter this list by selecting from the various options below.


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Reel Youth Organization, Training and Education / Digital Media / Canada

Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment project supporting youth, adults and organizations to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about most. Reel Youth also offers programs for youth and adults in producing and distributing digital media. Vari……read more


Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education Training and Education / Multidisciplinary / Canada

The Faculty of Education at SFU offers a Masters of Education Program in Arts for Social Change (ASC), co-taught by ASC! Project researchers Judith Marcuse and Lynn Fels. Location: SFU Vancouver Start Term: Fall 2016 End Term: ……read more


Spectrum Productions: Opportunities for Autism Organization, Training and Education / Multidisciplinary, Digital Media / Canada

Productions Spectrum: Opportunités pour Adultes Autiste Our Mission We are committed to providing quality experiences with film and media production to our participants through easy access to tools, equipment and guidance needed to make perso……read more


The Power of Hope Organization, Training and Education / Multidisciplinary / Canada

The Power of Hope is a charitable non-profit organization that unleashes the positive potential of youth through arts-centred multicultural and intergenerational learning programs that value self-awareness, leadership, environmental stewardship, community and social change. The Power of……read more


Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre) Organization, Training and Education / Theatre / Canada

Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre), directed by David Diamond, uses THEATRE FOR LIVING to help living communities tell their stories. THEATRE FOR LIVING has evolved from Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed". Since 1989 Theatre for Living work has slowly moved away ……read more


University of Alberta Training and Education / Theatre, Multidisciplinary / Canada

University of Alberta offers an M.A. in Community Engagement, a Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) Certificate, and a …read more

ulethbridge copy

University of Lethbridge Training and Education / Theatre, Multidisciplinary / Canada

University of Lethbridge offers a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) - Dramatic Arts. In this program, students may choose from 3 areas of study:  Queer Theatre & Performance Theatre & Youth Theatre & Social Change …read more


University of Toronto Training and Education / Multidisciplinary / Canada

University of Toronto's New College offers a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Program, which "promotes and supports community–engaged and experiential learn……read more


University of Victoria Training and Education / Theatre, Multidisciplinary / Canada

University of Victoria's Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre offers a specialization in Applied Theatre. "What is Applied Theatre? Applied……read more


University of Windsor Training and Education / Theatre, Multidisciplinary / Canada

University of Windsor, School of Dramatic Art, offers an Undergraduate program in Drama in Education and Community. Here, students may choose to focus on Drama in Education or Theatre for Social Action.……read more


Wapikoni Mobile Organization, Training and Education / Digital Media / Canada

From Wapikoni in brief: Mobile studios fully equipped with cutting-edge technology that “travels to” First Nations communities. 30 communities from 9 different nations, visited to date……read more


York University Training and Education / Multidisciplinary / Canada

York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies and Fine Arts jointly offers the Community Arts Practice (CAP) certificate. The CAP certificate can be completed full-time by undergraduate and graduate students. The certificate can also be completed part-time by non-university……read more