Arts-Based Facilitation

Arts-Based Facilitation Field Study

This field study explored the myriad facilitative approaches that are used in the field of ASC/community-engaged participatory arts, including in performance arts, visual and media arts, literary and urban arts, as well as dialogic methods.

It is our hope that these studies will prove useful for the ASC community and for the burgeoning field of social innovation which is defined as… “new ideas that resolve existing social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges and that alter the perceptions, behaviours and structures that previously gave rise to these challenges”


As an exploration of both traditional dialogue and arts-based facilitation techniques, Judith Marcuse led a series of Chataquas (arts-infused workshops/dialogues) across Canada, often in partnership with diverse organizations, such as Ashoka Canada, Creative Manitoba, Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV), and the federal Department of Canadian Heritage. Each session investigated a specific topic, including methods, perspectives and issues in the field of ASC; the integration of ASC processes into Canadian and international NGO policies and programs; the re-imagining of a university’s mandate; and federal government policy to address issues of racism in Canada. Performance, literary and visual arts, as well as group processes encouraged participants to think outside more usual frameworks to explore and share what mattered to them. New collective artmaking enabled them to surface, share, and process their experiences and insights. The Chataquas strongly demonstrated the potency and adaptability of arts-infused dialogue to create new directions for identifying and implementing solutions to often-complex issues in a wide variety of contexts. These events also explored new ways to advance possibilities for the development of ASC and community-engaged arts (both within and outside the sector) while nurturing new communication networks, exchange, and possible collaboration across Canada.

Montreal – January 25, 2016
Ottawa – October 2017 – Department of Canadian Heritage
Toronto – June 9, 2016 – in partnership with Ashoka Canada
Vancouver – March 22, April 19 and June 23, 2016 – in partnership wth the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV); and April 25, 2017
Winnipeg – January 28, 2016 – in partnership with Creative Manitoba

The AGEWELL Chataqua Project, May to June, 2014

This unique chataqua project involved the creation of an exhibition of painting, photography, installations, poetry and performance work made by some 100 seniors about what it is like to grow older. During the exhibition in the theatre of the Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) in Vancouver, a series of Chataqua dialogues and arts workshops were offered to the public. All the artwork and the artists’ descriptions of their art and its underlying themes can be viewed in The AGEWELL Booklet.

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